My writing career started in 2005 while I worked in marketing and advertising for a major corporation. Back then, my writing followed a very different process. My task was to craft media segments and promotional pieces. Short, tight, concise pieces of information meant to be ingested and understood quickly by those on the go.

In 2015, all of that changed. It was then that my wife convinced me to create my Wandering Wagars – Adventure Family Travel website.

Wandering Wagars was never intended to be a commercial success. If I had known that within three years of starting the website that more than 100,000 people per month would be reading my articles and clicking through my photography, I might have started it much earlier. But it did happen, and it kick-started a writing career that I had never intended.

Six years later, writing is my career. I left the corporate world behind in 2019 as I expanded my writing beyond my blog. Presently, I also write on my other passion project, Ultimate Ontario, and publications, including the Lonely Planet, Matador Network, Canadian Traveller, and Explore Magazine.

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