Visiting Kayakoy: The Fascinating Ghost Town In Turkiye

Kayakoy Ghost Village in Turkiye

The history and beauty of Kayakoy, Turkiye’s “Ghost Village” is captivating. Our tips for experiencing the secrets of Kayakoy will help uncover this hidden gem.

Kayakoy Ghost Village in Turkiye

Tourists line the boulevards and beaches of Fethiye Turkiye. Relaxation and entertainment are the name of the game of this tourist center along the shores of Turkiye’s “Turquoise Coast.” Yet just a few short kilometers away, on the edge of the tiny village of Keçiler, lies a dramatically different landscape.

Hundreds of stone buildings dot a hillside. The remains of what were once streets are overgrown and barely visible.

Kayakoy, the fascinating ghost town in Turkiye, was once home to a community of 10,000 residents. Most of these families were Greek Orthodox Christians, who had lived in harmony with their Anatolian Muslim neighbors for centuries. But this all came to a sudden and crashing end near the early 20th century.

Today, the remains of this town offer a glimpse into both Turkish and Greek culture and an experience that ranks it among the most incredible places to visit in Turkiye.

Kayakoy is stunningly beautiful, and this off-the-beaten-path village offers a vastly different experience than the country’s more famous ruins such as Ephesus, Gobleki Tepe, and the Temple of Artemis, the ancient wonder in Selcuk.

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