Sailing the Greatest Lake With Sail Superior In Thunder Bay

Great Lakes Sailing in Thunder Bay

The wind ripped through our hair as we gripped tightly to the side rails of ‘Frodo,’ our small but mighty cruiser. The wind on Lake Superior had pulled our sails taut as we raced under blue skies past the Thunder Bay lighthouse. The clear silhouette of ‘Nanabijou,’ the Sleeping Giant, was jutting out from the blue waters.

As I looked at my wife and kids, their faces pulled back in wild grins as the freshwater spray tickled their cheeks I had one thought. “Lake Superior sailing is something that everyone needs to experience.”

This was freedom.

The city of Thunder Bay, Ontario has long been viewed as an industrial engine that drives commerce in Northern Ontario. Thunder Bay is a place I had long attempted to visit but kept hitting roadblocks. After all, I’ve been chasing unique experiences across Ontario for much of my adult life. Well, this summer I committed to northern Ontario and spent a week exploring Thunder Bay and the surrounding region.

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