Rediscovering Ontario Through an Indigenous Lens – Destination Indigenous

Woman walking near a Longhouse in Six Nations Ontario

Ontario. It’s big. It’s beautiful. And sometimes it’s hard to find a moment to yourself. I’ve lived in Ontario all my life, Southern Ontario specifically, and here life can be hectic at times. You might think that a worldwide pandemic would change this. And it did. In a lot of ways, life was simpler. But, after months of isolation, my whole family yearned to explore. So, carefully and safely, we gave ourselves a chance to learn, discover, and fall in love with the history of this province all-over-again.

We knew that going to a beautiful resort or cottage rental would be an easy escape. But in the end, all an experience like that would do is move us to a lovely place for a little while. What we needed was something that would help us grow. We needed an escape that would open our minds. Give us a chance to strengthen our hearts and leave us with a greater appreciation of those things that we take for granted.

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