My Child’s Fear of Water: Overcoming Travel Anxiety – Canadian Traveller

Young boy looking out at an island in the Philippines

This article took home all three awards for the Ann Britton Campbell Award for “Best Family Feature” at the 2022 Travel Media Association of Canada awards.

In 2018, my family boarded a flight from Shanghai, China, to Manila, Philippines. We were excited for an experience that would help my kids connect to their Filipino roots, meet my wife’s extended family and open our eyes to some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in existence. We weren’t expecting this trip to spark a fear that would shape our travels for the next two years.

My wife, Christina, and I are avid travellers. Our two boys, Cohen, 9, and Dylan, 7 (yes, they’re named after Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan), have been travelling around the world with us since they were babies. As toddlers, they rode horses beneath the towering cliffs of Petra in Jordan. Not long afterwards, they played tag with Uru children on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca in Peru. Our passion for travel led me to a career as a family travel writer.

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