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Visiting The Karen Hill Tribes Near Chiang Mai: How A Family Travel Experience Opened A Dialogue On Ethical Tourism In Thailand

A woman from the long neck karen hill tribe weaves a blanket

Although my family had seen photos of the hill tribes of Thailand, nothing could really prepare us for the reality of visiting the Karen tribes near the city of Chiang Mai. Our visit wasn’t the one that we had hoped for. It wasn’t one that “lived up to our expectations.” But visiting the Karen hill […]

Photos of Meteora, Greece: One Of The Most Beautiful Places In Europe

Rousanou Nunnery At Sunset Looking Out Over Kalabaka

My photos of Meteora, Greece capture the beauty and magic of the Monasteries and landscapes of one of Europe’s most picturesque regions. I made a visit to Meteora, Greece with my family including my wife, Christina, and our two boys along with Christina’s parents in March of 2023. We had been plagued with rain and […]