Monthly Archives: December 2021

It’s Nice To Know You Neighbour – Discovering Mississauga – Visit Mississauga

Living in the GTA, I’ve always considered Mississauga to be “That city next door.” It’s a city that’s been thrown around as an afterthought, but not a place that we’ve ever thought to explore. You see, my family travels a lot. Since my wife and I began our explorations around the world, I’ve visited over […]

A Family Outdoor Adventure In Windsor Essex – The Windsorite

Since the birth of my kids, my family has made regular visits down to Ontario’s Southwest to explore the region’s wonders. Each time we visit, we’re introduced to new cities, towns, and attractions. Towns like Leamington, Amherstburg, and Kingsville draw us in with incredible restaurants, cafes, and museums. But the part of Ontario’s deep south […]

Summer Adventures in Sudbury Perfect for Families – Northern Ontario Travel

It’s easy to fall in love with Sudbury. In fact, for some families, it just takes a few days. The food, attractions, and natural beauty of the city make it a wonderland for those looking to combine culture, education, and adventure – my top three ingredients for the perfect family vacation. You can read the […]