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This Peterborough Escape Maze Offers a New Twist On A Classic Game

Peterborough Escape Maze

During a family get-together at the family farm in 2014, the family got to chatting about new ventures that they could tackle on the family’s sprawling property just outside the city of Peterborough. When the idea of jumping on to the new escape room craze was raised, the family went all-in, creating one of the biggest […]

This Board Game Cafe in Peterborough Ontario Brings Puts A Local Twist On Classic Cooking

Peterborough Boardwalk Cafe

Flavor The Globe If there is one thing that I love nearly as much as food and travel, it’s having a fun night out with friends and family. On a recent visit to Peterborough, Ontario I was introduced to a place that manages to combine the best of all three into a fun-filled experience that pairs […]