Kevin Wagar and his son in Machu Picchu
Fishing hut in Finland under the Northern Lights
Kevin Wagar and his son in Iceland

Kevin Wagar

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer

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Kevin Wagar is a multi-award winning travel writer and photographer who has built a reputation as one of the top travel experts focusing on family travel in the adventure, nature, and cultural spaces

Kevin has traveled to over 50 countries across 5 continents, chronicling his experiences and capturing vivid imagery of the cities, nature, and unique cultures that he has been blessed to discover along the way.

His sponsorships from local and international travel destinations, gear brands, and corporate sponsors have fueled his inner passion for adventure. 

Kevin launched his Wandering Wagars – Adventure Family Travel website in 2015. It has grown to one of the world’s leading adventure family travel brands and receives over 1.5 million visitors per year.

In 2018, Kevin co-founded the Toronto Blogger Collective to help share his expertise with the local content creator community. The group has grown to over 700 members across Central Ontario and regularly hosts press trips, courses, and creator gatherings.

Kevin partnered with fellow TBC founder Christopher Mitchell to launch Ultimate Ontario in 2018. This website launched to success promoting local travel in his home province. In 2020, the pair decided to do it once again with the launch of We Explore Canada, with a focus on travel through Canada. The website won the “Best Travel Website” award at the 2022 Travel Media Association of Canada Awards.

Kevin’s photography has garnered seven awards in the past three years from the Society of American Travel Writers and the Travel Media Association of Canada including a Gold in the Bill Muster Photo Awards People category.

Kevin’s work has been featured by The Lonely Planet, Canadian Traveller, Explore Magazine, Intrepid Travel, CBC, and more. He also runs the highly-engaged Family Travel Support Group on Facebook, which offers support to over 1,300 families interested in family travel experiences.


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